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Hello Kolkata Bengali Full Movie

The movie “Hello Kolkata” focuses on four couples – Raima (Swastika Mukherjee) and her husband Pratick Gupta (Amitabha Bhattacharya); Pratik’s elder brother Partha Gupta (Sudip Mukherjee) and his wife Shila (Srilekha) the other two couples are Animesh (Rudranil) his wife Gita and Anjali (Rimjhim) and her fiancĂ© Rahul (Indrajit). Pratik is a manager of a call centre, his daily drinking is the main problem of his family. Each night after drinking he misbehaves with Raima, even in his elder brother’s marriage anniversary party he insults her publicly. One night after drinking Pratik

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